The Neptis Vase Green

The Neptis Vase

Edition: Limited to 150 of each colour

Material: Cast from Jesmonite, Green, Satin Finish

Size: L18.5 x W5 x H18.5cm

Brooksbank & Collins’ Neptis vases are named from the Latin Neptis translated as “granddaughter”. Neptis is the direct descendent of the family of Caulis Vases and demonstrates Tom and Allan’s continual research and development of families of objects.

We want to offer the audience a point of view, or rather a grammar, to understand and compare the different structures. Through photography, we try to arrange these shapes and render them comparable. To do so, the objects must be isolated from their context and freed from all association.” Bernd Becher (1931 – 2007) & Hilla Becher (1934 – 2015), German Conceptual Artists.

Inspired by the artists and photographers associated with the New Objective movement which began in Germany in the 1920’s, the family of Neptis Vases are grouped together as general types. Hereditary characteristics are passed on from each parent within the Neptis family, each new offspring adds one extra facet to its face, growing proportionally larger. Each Vase is a perfect Polygon and each facet of that polygon is a perfect square; by using this plan the Vases are thus objective and can be compared as per scientific specimens.

Photographs by Stephen Lenthall






BrooksbankCollins_CaulisJesmonite_Group Shot_