The Me-Far Tribus Vessels (Warm Rust)

The Me-Far Tribus Vessels

Material: Aluminium; Anodised Finish, Warm Rust Colour

Size: L52 x W49.1 x H16cm (all 8 vessels nesting)

An ancient text which observed the Kimonos worn by the Japanese Samurai captures the spirit of Brooksbank & Collins’ Me-Far Vessels;

“His kimono was restrained in colour – according to the solemnity of his office – but in fine and abundant silk in accordance with his rank and wealth. As he knelt on the tatami mat, the stiff fabric of his sleeves and shoulder garments fell in geometric layers at his sides. The lines enveloping him were poised, considered and restrained, giving a formality and ceremony to his form like a dragon fly resting on a leaf, or a piece of origami.”

The Me-Far series is an analysis of geometry and the sequential numbering of polygons, each set of vessels is one result of that analysis. A great variety of forms emerge from the analysis but there are geometrical limitations leading to a finite series of Me-Far Vessels.

Each set of the vessels can be nested together into a single decorative piece. Alternatively they can be playfully combined in a variety of different ways, each of which creates different geometrical patterns and reflections. Made from Precious and semi-precious metals, Sterling Silver, Gold and Rhodium, Copper and Bronze, the series of Me-Far Vessels uses the most exquisite materials to highlight their forms and the materials surfaces reflect each other in bewildering complexity.

Stockist: FBC London

Photographs by Stephen Lenthall

Brooksbank&Collins_Me-Far_Octo_Warm Rust_2_1000pix

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