Brooksbank and Collins collaboration began with a quirk of fate when they were ascribed adjacent desks working for a London architecture office. Almost immediately they started an ongoing conversation about art, architecture, design and the common threads which are woven between these things. Drawing on their divergent backgrounds as an architect (Brooksbank b. 1982) and a fine artist (Collins b. 1979) their dialogue condensed around an open list of distinguished designs in seeking to illuminate precisely which inner conceptual intentions set Kuramata’s Acrylic Vase, the Porsche 917 and Crown Hall IIT, amongst many more masterpieces of design, apart. Gradually through listening, talking and observation Brooksbank and Collins came to recognise that their own independent lines of inquiry within the fields of architecture and art had, to a large degree, come to overlap within design. This shared pattern of interest has, since the establishment of their London studio in 2012, formed the template of their design collaboration.

Having arrived at product design by radically different trajectories Brooksbank and Collins embrace the contrasting nature of their personalities and skills. Collins tirelessly searches for a clearer conceptual definition and a more refined material expression of the internal logic of a design. As a routine he will explore and dismiss scores or hundreds of design iterations in order to deliver, measure by measure, an exquisite degree of precision and judgement. Concurrent with Collins centrifugal journey towards the interior space of a design is Brooksbank’s centripetal orbit as provocateur within the studio. He seeks to extract the poetic and unexpected from things by spinning threads to bind a flock of seagulls to Brooksbank and Collins’s studio which is a giant peach flying through the clouds.

Tom (b1982), BArch(Hons), Dip.Arch, ARB, RIBA is a licensed architect having studied at The Cooper Union in New York and both The Architectural Association and The Bartlett, UCL, in London. His professional experience includes roles as Director and Project Architect for Cullinan Studio as well as Property Development for Leeds-based KW Linfoot PLC. He was born and raised in Malton, North Yorkshire, and retains a keen affinity with the local landscape.

Allan (b1979), BA(Hons), is a practising artist, having studied at London guildhall University. Allan has participated in many solo and group shows in the UK and internationally. His other roles include being a Partner at Cullinan Studio. Allan was born and raised in London.

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