Alle Metalle / imm Cologne / 2014

Brooksbank and Collins are proud to launch the MeFar Solum bowls during Passagen as part of imm Cologne 2014.

The exhibition Alle Metalle, edited by Antonia Henschel & Sebastian Herkner takes place from 13th – 19th January, 5th Floor, BayenStrasse 65, Cologne, Germany.

Alle Metalle / all metal, is an exhibition based on a book by Trademark Publishing. It shows classic products as well as contemporary design made of metal. Most products are made of copper or brass and have been manufactured in different techniques.

The book series ‘Objects’ is designed as a reverence to noteworthy phenomena in product design. The second book ‘All metal’ is dedicated to all things metal. Chairs, tables, trays, lights, mainly in copper or brass. In his essay Markus Frenzl writes: ‘This new enthusiasm for the old copper alloys is a material expression of a new design aesthetic: Unlike their predecessors, young designers are not keen to invent the future, but rather to save the culture of real-world products from the threat of digitalisation and virtualisation. They are not trying to distance themselves from previous gener­ations of designers at all costs, and are happy to be inspired by the elegant Fifties designs of Gio Ponti, Finn Juhl and Charles and Ray Eames. As a part of this process, they have re-discovered the cultural treasure of the modern era and its materials for themselves. After all, even in 20th century modern design, which we long believed to have focused entirely on cold, chrome-plated objects, designs still appeared from time to time based on materials that had a hand-made feel: brass, copper and bronze.’

On the occasion of imm cologne 2014, in the off-programm Passagen, the editor of the book Antonia Henschel and the designer Sebastian Herkner have collaborated to transfer the book into an exhibition. Featured are products by Konstantin Grcic, Tomás Alonso, Mategot, Mark Holmes, Sebastian Herkner, Oskar Zieta, Stefan Diez, Kai Linke, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Poul Henningsen amongst others. The exhibition was initiated in cooperation with TØNDEL Interior Design.

Exhibition photographs copyright Antonia Henschel

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