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Heavy Metal – Design featuring fine metals

“Heavy metal” makes an appearance far from booming guitars or seething denim-clad throngs, when stilwerk design gallery presents an exhibition spotlighting fine metals at the interface of art and design from 1 August to 13 September 2014. Featuring Samuel Treindl, Brooksbank & Collins, Studio Markunpoika, Studio Besau-Marguerre, Oskar Zieta and Liberta Motorcycles.

The exhibition’s title plays on the idea of “heavy” as one of the wilder faces of rock music, introducing a multi-faceted presentation of metals as naturally weighty substances and exhibits that embrace the diverse properties of the material.

For many years, metal was chiefly known as the primary element in industrial and clinical-style interiors and design; however, in more recent times this image has begun to change, and metal objects are more popular than ever before. stilwerk design gallery focuses on the changeability and versatility of metal; copper mirrors are juxtaposed with gleaming jewellery, colourful wall objects rub shoulders with “inflated” metal sheeting, motorbikes meet perforated steel sculptures. The materials used run the gamut of elegant playfulness, decorative pop style, the rough rawness of steel and dynamic lightness.

Exhibition from 1 August to 13 September 2014
Midissage on 27 August at 7 pm.



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