Gallery Fumi / Design Miami/Basel 2015

Brooksbank & Collins are proud to debut Boullee with Gallery FUMI at Design Miami/ Basel 2015 in Switzerland.

A collaboration with Gallery FUMI, the piece will be exhibited and sold exclusively through the gallery.

Brooksbank & Collins’ Boullee Table is named in honour of Etienne Louis Boullee, 1728 – 1799, a neo-classical architect whose visionary design for Newton’s Cenotaph interprets his subjects ground breaking conceptions of time and space via a monumental language of form and light.

The Boullee table is a distillation of pure form rendered in mirror polished and acid etched stainless steel. It is constructed from three structural elements – sphere, disc and axial base – which interlock in accordance with the movement of the heavens. The piece presents a glimpse of interstellar horizons, the monumental shadows of the planets and the glittering light of a thousand distant suns.

Tom Brooksbank and Allan Collins have been fascinated by the mechanics and materials of space exploration since their childhoods – from the inscrutable reflective surface of an astronauts visor to the white heat of a re-entry descent and the brushed gold 12” LP attached to the Voyager space craft. To their formative minds the combination of this creative and precise engineering, as well as the imagery of planetary landscapes beamed back to earth from distant corners of the solar system, pointed towards an ineffable future and design as a platform for the pursuit of the divine.

Following its debut at Design Miami/ Basel, Boullee will be on display at Gallery FUMI.




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