The Fossus Carrara Table

The Fossus Carrara Table

Each piece is unique

Material: Carrara Marble and White Resin

Size: L71 x W50 x H22.2cm

Brooksbank & Collins’ Fossus Table is named from the Latin ‘Fossus’, translated as ‘chiseled’ or ‘dug up’. Imagined as an artefact unearthed, Fossus is both ancient and futuristic. When you get really close to Fossus it transforms from a piece of furniture to resembling a landscape of plateaus raised above jagged cliffs in miniature. You can imagine that the surface of the plateau is inscribed with mysterious intersecting hieroglyphs like the ancient Nazca land lines in Peru (500 B.C. – A.D. 500).

The Fossus table is a monolith of solid marble, pieces of marble are removed from the edge of the monolith to achieve a weathered form; by contrast, the top surface is polished to an exquisite mirror sheen and inlaid with a hieroglyphic notation of abstract lines. The lines give the intriguing impression of having been delicately overlaid into the table surface – in fact they have been carved deep into the body of rock with visceral linear cuts inlaid with specialist resin.

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