Caulis 180 / Vase / Arabascato Marble

Beginning with a regular polygon of 28 even sides, the initial design concept is split in half and then in half again to create two vases – Caulis 180 and Caulis 90. Upon one facet, a hole is drilled to place a single flower. Held at an oblique angle, the flower extends from the vase like the stroke of a calligrapher’s pen.

Tom Brooksbank comments: “When I was a child, my mother read me The Little Prince by Antoine de Sant-Exupery. Allan and I thought of the book’s miniature planet whilst designing Caulis – the planet with the single flower growing on it. When you put a Chrysanthemum in the Caulis, the marble striations resemble the landscape of the planet with a single outsize flower – it’s a very playful piece.”

Each vase is handmade by master stonemasons at Lapicida in Harrogate, Yorkshire. The vases are polished to a high reflective finish, emphasising the precise edges and veined surface of the Arabescato Marble.

Stockist: Gallery Fumi

Caulis 180 vase

Made in Yorkshire by Lapicida

Material: Arabascato Marble

Size: W447mm x H223mm x D50mm thickness

Edition of 50

Photographs by Stephen Lenthall



Brooksbank & Collins_Caulis_Arabascatta Marble_1

Brooksbank & Collins_Caulis_Arabascatta Marble_3

Brooksbank & Collins_Caulis_Arabascatta Marble_4

Brooksbank & Collins_Caulis_Arabascatta Marble_5

Brooksbank & Collins_Caulis_Arabascatta Marble_6


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