The Boullee Table

The Boullee Table

Edition of 8 + 2 AP

Material: Mirror polished & etched stainless steel

Sphere available in Black, Brass or Mirror Polished Finish

Size: L120 x W120 x H35cm (Tabletop)

Brooksbank & Collins’ Boullee Table is named in honour of Etienne Louis Boullee, 1728 – 1799, a neo-classical architect whose visionary design for Newton’s Cenotaph interprets his subject’s ground breaking conceptions of time and space via a monumental language of form and light.

The Boullee table is a distillation of pure form rendered in mirror polished and acid etched stainless steel. It is constructed from three structural elements – sphere, disc and axial base – which interlock in accordance with the movement of the heavens. The piece presents a glimpse of interstellar horizons, the monumental shadows of the planets and the glittering light of a thousand distant suns.

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Photographs by Stephen Lenthall

Brooksbank&Collins_Boullee_Image 4_Black Sphere

Brooksbank&Collins_Boullee_Image 3_Black Sphere

Boullee with Black Sphere:

Brooksbank&Collins_Boullee_Image 1_Black Sphere

Boullee with Brass Sphere:

Brooksbank&Collins_Boullee_Image 1_Brass Sphere

Boullee with Mirror Polished Sphere:

Brooksbank&Collins_Boullee_Image 1_Chrome Sphere